Health Plus Fitness Offers a Road to a Healthier Lifestyle


Health Plus fitness has a mission to improve the health and quality of life of people through professional help and wellness programs. This goal is achievable through a three part area to wellness called the Health Plus’s Total Fitness plan.  The program uses exercising, nutrition, and help to build a fitness program to help you get more healthy and stay that way.  Health Plus fitness centers can help you find the right exercise programs that fit your personal needs and requirements.

Nutrition is another crucial aspect of fitness and it can determine what kind of shape you end up in if you are not careful about what you choose to eat. Take green lipped mussels for instance. Studies show that these healthy mussels, native to New Zealand, can help relieve painful symptoms associated with arthritis, joint pain and other inflammation based diseases, have a look at another of our sites  to see other natural supplements to aid ailments. Health Plus fitness centers have highly qualified nutrition experts who are there at your convenience to seek advice about how your body works and what you can do to better your physical look and stay there.  Through qualified advice from personnel on what to eat, you can really get some great information on what nutrition plans will work best for you and how it will get you closer to your fitness goals.

Having a healthy lifestyle is a very common and good goal for most of us for multiple different reasons.  A membership at Health Plus Fitness will help guide you toward your goals and make your life more healthy and enjoyable.

Maintaining a balanced diet is a part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle.

A good nights sleep is something that will always aid your health, to learn more visit


Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is a diet and workout program, especially developed for women to obtain an aesthetically pleasing body. John Barban is the creator of this highly popular program. It has been receiving raving reviews from most of the women who used it. The internet is full of positive reviews by such users. The programs intends to develop an hourglass figure in women who use it. It does focus on building muscle while losing fat in the process. This article will review the Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor has a rep range of about 10-12 reps. All workouts are performed in a circuit manner including a 60-second rest in between them. The workout regime provided with this program has been acknowledged as one of the best fat loss regimes devised so far. Most other programs out there will not address the issue of shaping your body. In fact, most of them will include a diet schedule and some abdominal or whole body exercises. None of these programs will address the real issue of shaping your body. This is where the Venus Factor would come in handy.

You need to have an effective workout and diet program that will aim for the best shape based on your current body proportions. Venus Factor will take into consideration several important measurements in assisting to shape your body effectively. The Height to Waist Ratio (HWR) is one such measurement. In fact, your ideal waist should be 38% of your height. This figure can be arrived by multiplying your height in inches by 0.38. Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) is another important measurement in the Venus Factor program. Your waist circumference should be multiplied by 1.42 to get your ideal hip measurements. WSR a.k.a. Waist to Shoulder Ratio is another important measurement in this regard. Your ideal waist measurement should be multiplied by 1.618 in order for you to get your ideal shoulder circumference.

The aforementioned measurements are called the Venus Index. In fact, the Venus Factor is designed to target all these area in its workouts. It contain a 12-week workout plan divided into three parts. Each phase is four weeks in length. You will be provided a complete workout plan to follow during this period. This workout plan will target your Venus Index for that matter.

The diet schedule of Venus Factor will show you how to eat the right amount of calories without cutting down on your favorite foods. The right eating formula will definitely help to lose unwanted fat quite effectively.

The aforementioned Venus Factor review will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing the program.